Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scraped knees, potty chairs, cookies and snow

Amy took this and I thought it was pretty cute. He is getting better around the camera and starts saying "cheese" whenever he sees it.We have started potty training and so far it's going ok. Amy has to do most of it since I am not at home all of the time. He likes to "bear down" though and it makes it easier to see when he wants to go.

We had a nice day on Sunday, and Isaiah got his first skinned knees of his life.

Since we had a snow day, we decided to make cookies.
After a really nice weekend, we got hit with 12 hours of rain and 8 inches of snow. So much for the last day of winter.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

All sorts of crazy events....

Well life has been a little hectic, but good overall....Isaiah is enjoying the nice weather outside...He found out that he can fit in the back of his dump truck like it's a wagon, so we have to take him for rides now..
I got a pick-up too....one of our friends had it and needed to get rid of it, so i got a good deal on it...it's an old forest service truck, and it's in pretty good shape for being 30 years old.
Last but not least, amidst the weeds and random sticks in our back yard, there is actually grass growing...If the weather keeps up like this, we might have an actual backyard this summer....
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